I was trying to develop a Jhipster Quarkus app with two entities, Product and Category. I've generated the app but when I try to add a category I get the issue mentioned

my jdl file :

`entity Product { designation String prix Double quantity Integer }

entity Category { libelle String }

relationship ManyToOne Product{Category(libelle)} to Category }`

Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Violation d'index unique ou clé primaire: "PRIMARY KEY ON PUBLIC.CATEGORY(ID) ( / key:1 / CAST(1 AS BIGINT), 'Table')" Unique index or primary key violation: "PRIMARY KEY ON PUBLIC.CATEGORY(ID) ( / key:1 / CAST(1 AS BIGINT), 'Table')"; SQL

  • Could you update question with stacktrace and entities so we can help ?
    – Jacouille
    Sep 7 at 12:29
  • Well check the contents of your table in h2 console, it si probably not empty and contains already a row with key 1 that was created by CSV file loaded by Liquibase. CHeck also the CSV file Sep 7 at 15:34


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