I have a project of a 64-bit Windows application in Rad Studio 11 (pre-existing project, not my choice, moving to another toolchain is not an option). The language is C++ (C++17). So far, I've been unable to find and use a tool for either code coverage analysis, memory monitoring or performance profiling. To avoid the XY problem I'm asking a rather broad question:

What are my options for external tools with RAD Studio?

Current RAD studio uses a "Clang-enhanced C++ compiler" bcc64 based on Clang 5.0 and a linker ilink64 which seems to be their own software - doc1, doc2. Additional options provided to bcc64 seem to be limited to the -cc1 Clang subset: -fcoverage-mapping is recognized but -fprofile-instr-generate is not (or I'm missing a setting that would allow it, as is the possibility for all my examples in this post).

Using tools described in Clang documentation seems to require either providing compiler options that get rejected by bcc64 or providing linker options that simply don't exist for ilink64. So I think that my best bet would be using third-party software like OpenCppCoverage / Dr. Memory / Very Sleepy / etc. However, all such software for Windows seemingly expects debug information as a separate .pdb file. And I can't squeeze it from ilink64: bcc64 accepts -gcodeview (but not -g) but ilink64 seemingly doesn't have an option to generate .pdb at all. It can produce .tds files which may be possible to convert to .pdb... but only for 32-bit applications, for 64-bit this option does nothing.

An idea to try and use another linker doen't look productive since the project uses Borland .bpl components - unless someone knows how to make this work.

Resources on RAD studio are (or at least feel) very scarce: Embarcadero community site has news from late 2018 on the front page, their "new developers community" link redirects to the blogs page with articles like "how std::thread works" and their collection of "third party community sites" has links to the c++builder tag on StackOverflow and one mostly-dead forum on the C++ side of things. I didn't find answers to my questions on any of those.

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  • What’s Coming for C++Builder: An Amazing Preview: "... the Clang upgrade is planned not to be an upgrade of our existing compiler with all extra material, but an upgrade of the core key architecture of our compiler. This means we plan to adopt a more platform-standard approach: to emit COFF object files (the ‘native’ or by-convention Windows format); use the PDB format for debugging; use the LLVM linker not ilink; ... and we can re-use open source tools and projects, like the LLVM linker..." Sep 7 at 19:33


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