We have a simple meta app (FENZ worker) which was used for an advertising campaign last season (approx 9 months ago)

This app was used to automate the pausing/activation of multiple adsets and ads based on external data.

It is used to handle the authentication from an external web process using the graph API (we only use this app to authenticate to the marketing API)

When we have tried to reactivate the campaign this year, the app shows as only having developer level access.

Ads API access level

We still have Ads Management Standard Access & ads_read and ads_management permission granted.

Permissions(1) Permissions(2)

The app is set to Live mode and we can't see anything in the business manager that would explain this. App status

Here is the app from the business manager side

Business settings

I can see the app still has permission to the advertising account also:

Ad account access

I can't figure out what to do to resolve this, when the app tries to communicate with the API to toggle an advert state, we just get 'unauthorized' back - we've validated that the app id and app secret are correct and unchanged in our config.

API error from log

Given the message in the first screenshot App unapproved for "Ads Management Standard Access" is shown, it looks like somehow the app permission has been revoked but we can't see how to re-add it or fix this.

Here's what we've tried already

  • Removing and readding standard access permission already
  • Generating a new access token ticking ads_read and ads_management tickboxes and putting this access token in the client then sending API calls
  • Switching from Facebook login for business back to Facebook login
  • Removed and readded access from business manager
  • Removed and readded access from the ad account
  • Tried adding an app domain and using
  • Waiting on tech provider verification in case that's it but the error message doesn't match

Oddly, the API calls are now working (no access denied now) but the web interface still shows that we don't have the access approved - might break again?


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