Meta App Review team keeps rejecting our app, a bunch of times now, with the response "iOS app not loading". They also gave us a very vague suggestion: "Please ensure that the simulator build provided works with Xcode Version 8.0+, as this is the software our team uses in review.". (See the attached image for the full response)

First of all, we've tested the build in a bunch of different simulators and in different Macs, it loads perfectly each time. The only time we've stumbled upon loading errors, is when trying to launch the build in a simulator running an iOS version our app doesn't support.

We noticed, that back when we supported iOS 14, they were able to open the app. Ever since bumped support to iOS 15, we're getting rejected with this new reason. So, we went ahead and added support for iOS 14 again, submitted a new app review request and we're now waiting for a response from them.

Second of all, the suggestion they gave us is very hard to look into. Xcode 8.0+ supports all the way back to iOS 8, it's ridiculous to expect an app to add support for all those iOS versions.

All and all, here are our two questions:

  • Does Meta require an app to be running a minimum iOS version in order to pass review and if so which version is that? (Maybe iOS 14)
  • Are there other requirements an app must fulfill and where can we find them? (They're not specified anywhere in the documentation)

We've also asked a similar question in Meta's Developer Community Forum: https://developers.facebook.com/community/threads/1473737903448042/.

Rejection response from Meta


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