I am sometimes generating my own javadoc of OpenJDK modules to adjust the javadoc command with my favorite options. Recently I tried to do this for OpenJDK 20 but got strange module-not-found-errors for some modules. I pinned the issue down to the following (almost) minimal command, e.g. for the java.management module:

.../jdk-20.0.2/bin/javadoc -sourcepath .../jdk-jdk-20-ga/src/java.management/share/classes -subpackages com:java:javax:sun --module java.management -verbose

That results in:

[parsing started SimpleFileObject[.../jdk-jdk-20-ga/src/java.management/share/classes/module-info.java]]
[parsing completed 22ms]
error: module java.management not found on source path
1 error

So I checked out .../java.management/share/classes/module-info.java and it contains since OpenJDK 20 an import and an @ParticipatesInPreview annotation:

import jdk.internal.javac.ParticipatesInPreview;

module java.management {

If I remove that annotation and the corresponding import, things work like expected. The main issue appears to be the import rather than the annotation. For other modules I got a similar failure just in presence of imports rather than an annotation.

My question: How can I adjust the javadoc call to succeed properly if imports (and maybe @ParticipatesInPreview) are present?

I already played around with some options, e.g. setting -source or --release with --enable-preview or add the module jdk.compiler via --add-module because that module hosts the import. So far nothing I tried did the trick.

Update: Since a few days ago JDK 21 reached GA status, I repeated this on JDK 21 and the issue is the same as in 20. However, java.management is not affected any more because they removed the imports. AFAICT no java.* module-info.java file contains imports in JDK 21, but the issue can still be reproduced e.g. on jdk.compiler:

.../jdk-21/bin/javadoc -sourcepath .../jdk-jdk-21-ga/src/jdk.compiler/share/classes -subpackages com:jdk:sun --module jdk.compiler -verbose
[parsing started SimpleFileObject[.../jdk-jdk-21-ga/src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/module-info.java]]
[parsing completed 38ms]
error: module jdk.compiler not found on source path
1 error

Like before, removing the imports makes it work.

  • I'm not familiar with java.management, so my first instinct would be to make sure it is actually something that is bundled with the JDK. For example, JavaFX is not bundled with the JDK. But if not that, it's not impossible that this is a bug in Java. I have successfully reported multiple bugs in JavaDoc. stackoverflow.com/questions/67010921/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/71726595/… Commented Sep 18, 2023 at 11:38
  • 1
    @davidalayachew java.management is included in Java, see docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/17/docs/api Commented Sep 18, 2023 at 11:58
  • 1
    @davidalayachew A bug in javadoc is also my thought. At very least, the error message should be improved. I just thought that doing some deeper usage research, including asking this question here, would be good practice before filing a bug.
    – stewori
    Commented Sep 18, 2023 at 12:47

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Apparently, the observed behavior is a bug in Javadoc. A corresponding bug report has been accepted under https://bugs.java.com/bugdatabase/view_bug?bug_id=JDK-8317289.

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