I want to remotely stop / start / restart SQlBrowser service from a .net core 6 application running on IIS that uses the Powershell 7 library.

The application pool of the .net core service runs under a domain user, called domain.local\service-mgr-svc.

If I make domain.local\service-mgr-svc local administrator on the remote SQL Server, that I want to control the sqlbrowser service on, the remote invoke command works:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName sql-svr.domain.local -Scriptblock { restart-service -Name "sqlbrowser" }

When I take the user out of local administrator group, I get the following error

Cannot find any service with the service name "SQL Browser"

If I try just "get-service", I get response about "might need elevated permissions"

My question is, what are those permissions? I've been down the rabbit-hole on this.

What I have tried:

GPO to give the user on the remote server;

  • "Log on as Service"
  • "Act as operating system"
  • "Log on as batch job"

Giving the user the following permissions on the Root Namespace in the WMI config;

  • Execute Methods
  • Remote Enable
  • Read Security
  • Enable Account

Alas, it does not work. What can I try next?

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So I had a look at this SubInACL.exe stuff and that did the job!

I noticed that running cmd on the remote server and trying to stop / start SQLBrowser, I got access denied.

So did a

dir>.\SubInACL.exe /service SQLBrowser /grant=domain\user=PTOIS

And it works!

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