I am trying to build a Haskell project but I keep getting this error:

    You are using an unsupported version of LLVM!
    Currently only 9 to 13 is supported. System LLVM version: 15.0.7
We will try though...
Cannot specify -O# and --passes=/--foo-pass, use -passes='default<O#>,other-pass'
`opt' failed in phase `LLVM Optimiser'. (Exit code: 1)

I installed llvm@12 using homebrew and tried changing the PATH variable but I could not get the system LLVM version to change. How do I ensure the system LLVM version is llvm@12?

  • try using: brew unlink llvm and then brew link llvm@12
    – Elvis Oric
    Sep 18 at 9:31


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