We have a Typeform that records entries for our job board, including a resume file attachment. We connected this to Salesforce natively and the entries are being recorded properly, except the file attachment which isn't natively supported. I searched for a solution and the only thing I saw recommended was Zapier. Set up a Zapier integration with the Typeform and have access to the following fields from the file:

field_zzzzzzzzzz: https://api.typeform.com/forms/xxxxx/responses/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/fields/xxxxxxxxxxxx/files/xxxxxxx-filename.pdf

Going to this url directly, even if logged into Typeform, returns the following raw json: {"code":"AUTHENTICATION_FAILED","description":"Authentication credentials not found on the Request Headers"}

This is the same url that you access from Typeform Results to download the file, but clicking from Typeform injects a Cookie that authorizes the file download.

field_zzzzzzzzzz_file: hydrate|||.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx--xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxx:xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxx|||hydrate

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

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Just ended up doing a Google Drive integration and passing the URL of the file upload to SF, if anybody knows if this is possible without Drive let me know!


In Zapier, when you receive data from a Typeform trigger, if the form response contains a file, you should see two things:

  • File URL, which is a URL api.typeform.com....
  • File Content, which is blob/binary

enter image description here

Depending on the action and its parameter, you can use one or the other.

The File URL requires authentication to access the file, as explained in the API documentation.

On the Salesforce side, you need an intermediary step. First, upload the file with the Create file step. Then, use the reference of this file in the object.

If you need a public URL for the file, an alternative could be to do an "API request (beta)" Typeform action. And use the api.typeform.com URL. This will generate a new public URL that you could use in other actions.

Zapier get response file typeform

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