I have a VB6 app and a C# Wrapper for a C object.

It works fine as built, however now I am trying to Return two values from the C# wrapper back to the VB6 app instead of the original one value being returned, and now I am getting the message - Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment.

I am guessing I just don't know how to correctly return multiple values. I have googled of course and applied a few ideas but still no go.

The working code looks like this.

VB6 app

Dim Result_ As BioxScan_Status

Result_ = ObjWinBio.OpenDevice


public BioxScan_Status OpenDevice()

return BioxScan_Status.Connected ;

public enum BioxScan_Status

The above code works fine, the VB6 app calls the C# fucntion and gets the Return value of BioxScan_Status.Connected

However ...

What I am now trying to do is get Two values returned. One String value, One Int value, namely BioxScan_Status.Connected and also a UnitID

Here is what I have tried


public (string, string) OpenDevice()

return (Convert.ToString(BioxScan_Status.Connected), Convert.ToString(_unitId));

public interface IWinbioWrap
    //BioxScan_Status OpenDevice(); // done
    (string, string) OpenDevice();


VB6 App

Dim Res()
Res = ObjWinBio.OpenDevice("", "")

On this line - Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

Appreciate any thoughts.


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    Isn't that error because you need to use Set Res = ... ? There may be other problems as well but a tuple is an object reference, not a 'primitive' value like the enum was. Sep 19, 2023 at 23:06
  • @StayOnTarget Actually yes you are right. Good pickup. I did alter that after the event but posted the previous here, my bad. Still though I was not getting data back, more specifically an error. Sep 20, 2023 at 0:32

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In VB6, you can't directly return a tuple. However, you can work by returning a custom class. Here's the modified C# code:

public class BioxScanResult
    public string Status { get; set; }
    public string UnitId { get; set; }

public BioxScanResult OpenDevice()

    var result = new BioxScanResult
        Status = BioxScan_Status.Connected.ToString(),
        UnitId = _unitId.ToString()

    return result;

Now, you can update your VB6 code to work with the BioxScanResult class:

Dim Res As Object
Set Res = ObjWinBio.OpenDevice()

Dim Status As String
Dim UnitId As String

Status = Res.Status
UnitId = Res.UnitId
  • The linked question doesn't quite seem to make the point that is indicated here. Its true that VB6 doesn't have a notion of tuples itself and that's what that question addresses. But the reason you can't return a C# tuple to VB6 thru COM is because it is a generic class which represents the tuple, and COM does not support generics at all. Sep 20, 2023 at 1:10

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