I have list of object like this in database:

    List<YourEntity> entities = new List<YourEntity>
    new YourEntity { Id = 1, Name = "Item A", OrderColumn = 1 },
    new YourEntity { Id = 2, Name = "Item B", OrderColumn = 2 },
    new YourEntity { Id = 3, Name = "Item C", OrderColumn = 3 },
    // Add more items as needed

I want my user can change the OrderColumn value for Ordering the list and save new order in database.

what is the best way to do this with entity framework core?

also, I write some method to do this, but it has issue and can't correctly calculated order for other row when I change one of row.

My method is:

public static List<T> UpdateOrder(List<T> entities, Func<T, int> getOrder, Action<T, int> setOrder, int itemId, int newOrder)
    var itemToMove = entities.SingleOrDefault(e => getOrder(e) == itemId);

    if (itemToMove != null)
        // Determine the current order of the item
        int currentOrder = getOrder(itemToMove);

        // Update the order of the item
        setOrder(itemToMove, newOrder);

        // Update the order of other items accordingly
        foreach (var entity in entities)
            int entityOrder = getOrder(entity);

            if (!EqualityComparer<T>.Default.Equals(entity, itemToMove))
                if (newOrder < currentOrder && entityOrder >= newOrder && entityOrder < currentOrder)
                    setOrder(entity, entityOrder++);
                else if (newOrder > currentOrder && entityOrder <= newOrder && entityOrder > currentOrder)
                    setOrder(entity, entityOrder--);

        // Reorder all items based on the new Order values and return the updated list
        entities = entities.OrderBy(getOrder).ToList();

    return entities;

I am using this method like:

entities = OrderItemsHelper<YourEntity>.UpdateOrder(entities, e => e.Id, (e, order) => e.OrderColumn = order, item.Id, newOrder);

My Question: How can I be rearranging order of rows and updating other record?

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You have a mistake, you are mixing Id and OrderColumn, the UpdateOrder should be called as:

var o_entities = UpdateOrder(entities,
    getId: e => e.Id,  // <-- new!!!
    getOrder: e => e.OrderColumn,
    setOrder: (e, order) => e.OrderColumn = order,
    itemId: item.Id,
    newOrder: newOrder);

and change to:

private static List<T> UpdateOrder<T>(List<T> entities,
    Func<T, int> getId,  // <-- new!!!
    Func<T, int> getOrder,
    Action<T, int> setOrder,
    int itemId,
    int newOrder)
    var itemToMove = 
        .SingleOrDefault(e => getId(e) == itemId); // <-- getId !!!!

They are other major issues on your code like styling, algorithm, etc. But, in my opinion, this question should have been posted on code review site.

  • You don't have 10k on Code Review so the link will be dead. However the user posted the question on Code Review and I closed hammered the post. You should read our help center before recommending Code Review again.
    – Peilonrayz
    Sep 22, 2023 at 9:01
  • @Peilonrayz I will do, thanks about advice. Sep 22, 2023 at 11:30

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