I just found this comment declaration in some xcode sample project:

@property masterVolume
@abstract Sets the master volume
@property float masterVolume;

The comment is green as usual, the @property and @ abstract are dark green. If I remove the exclamation mark, they have the same green. What’s the purpose of the exclamation marks?


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To make transition from headerdoc a bit simpler, appledoc (tool to generate documentation from code so you save time in documentation) also accepts headerdoc style multiline comments:

/*! Comment */


  • So basically, if I have appledoc, that is going to use that comment to write a documentation? nice :)
    – Faser
    Oct 10, 2011 at 16:38

In Objective-C, a comment is only delimited by /* */, so you are right, the exclamation point is not necessary to form a comment. However, in this case, the ! there is to say that that commment should be read by an auto-documentation tool, such as Doxygen or AutoDoc. The same goes for the @ symbols there. @property is saying that you are documenting a property called masterVolume and @abstract is describing what the property is for.


It's a Qt comment style. It is treated as a block comment by doxygen, Headerdoc, and Appledoc. The author was familiar with Qt programming and chose that comment style. He could have chosen /** instead, just a matter of taste.

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