I am trying to validate a data graph against a shapes graph using pyshacl, which is a Python library for working with SHACL. I have the data graph stored as a '.ttl' file in my system, which I have imported for validation. However, I need to develop the shapes graph on my own. Can anyone suggest how to develop a SHACL-SPARQL shapes graph in Python? I went through the documentation of rdflib, but to my understanding, it provides only the capability to add the triples and query them. However, I could not find anything related to creating SHACL-SPARQL shapes graph, which needs a combination of triples as well as SPARQL query.


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    any SHACL shape is just a set of RDF triples, thus, creating those via rdflib should be nothing more than adding triples to a graph. And a SPARQL query in a SHACL shape is nothing more than an RDF literal containing the SPARQL query string. Sep 27 at 8:25
  • Thanks, @UninformedUser, for the clarification. Sep 29 at 23:55


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