I am thinking of writing my own Prometheus Exporter in node.js. I want to use simple template literals for this. So think of code like this:

const bar = `value"` // User input from outside.
let payload = ""
payload += "# HELP my_great_metric Awesome description\n"
payload += "# TYPE my_great_metric gauge\n"
payload += `my_great_metric{foo="${bar}"} 0\n`

This would break when Prometheus attempts to scrape the endpoint, because the label value (in variable bar) contains double quotation marks, which is apparently used to delimit the label value. This could easily be solved by filtering it.

I've looked up the Prometheus documentation https://prometheus.io/docs/concepts/data_model/#metric-names-and-labels. It says Label values may contain any Unicode characters.. I also did some Google research, but could not find something suitable to my use case, handling user-provided label values.

Do I have a misunderstanding, or is it any Unicode characters except for the double quotation marks? Are there other characters I need to look out for? Or is there maybe a better approach to handling user-provided label values?


  • I think I've never encountered quotes in labels, by it seems you would be OK, if you simply escape it with \. Additionally, you probably should pay attention to \n symbol in the input.
    – markalex
    Sep 22, 2023 at 11:46
  • Also, you can use promtool to check validity of the exposed data.
    – markalex
    Sep 22, 2023 at 11:47


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