Considering the following nice solution for finding cubic Bézier control points for a curve passing through 4 points:

How to find control points for a BezierSegment given Start, End, and 2 Intersection Pts in C# - AKA Cubic Bezier 4-point Interpolation

I wonder, if there is a straightforward extension to this for making the Bézier curve pass through N points, for N > 2 and maybe N ≤ 20?


This is a really old question, but I'm leaving this here for people who have the same question in the future.

@divanov has mentioned that there's no Bezier curve passing through N arbitrary points for N >4.

I think the OP was asking how to compute the control points to join multiple bezier curves to produce a single curve that looks smooth.

This pdf will show you how to compute the control points: http://www.math.ucla.edu/~baker/149.1.02w/handouts/dd_splines.pdf

which I found on this writeup http://corner.squareup.com/2012/07/smoother-signatures.html from Square about how they render a smooth curve that passes through all the sampled points of a mouse drawn signature.

  • I wonder what made you think this question is about merging Bezier curves... – divanov Mar 12 '16 at 8:41

In general, there is no Bezier curve passing through N arbitrary points, where N > 4. One should consider curve fitting to minimize least square error between computed Bezier curve and given N data points. Which is discussed, for example, here.

  • Yes there is. You can always find a Bezier curve (in fact an infinite number of them) of degree N-1 that interpolates N given points. Your answer is correct for cubic (degree 3) Bezier curves. – bubba Apr 30 at 12:21

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