I'm able to get a param using the GetQueryParam function from this answer in the WebLib.WebTools unit to get parameters from the current URL.

One would assume the opposite of getting a param would be to set one using SetQueryParam, but no! SetQueryParam doesn't exist.

If I run the following code:

SetQueryParam('first_name', 'Shaun');
SetQueryParam('last_name', 'Roselt');

Then I get an error that says

identifier not found "SetQueryParam"

What is the function and unit to set a Query Parameter using Delphi code?

For some added info. Here is the current function I wrote that I'm using to update the URL params:

procedure SetQueryParam(key, value, url: String);
    if (!url) url = window.location.href;
    let re = new RegExp("([?&])" + key + "=.*?(&|#|$)(.*)", "gi"),hash;

    if (re.test(url))
        if (typeof value !== 'undefined' && value !== null)
            url = url.replace(re, '$1' + key + "=" + value + '$2$3');
        else {
            hash = url.split('#');
            url = hash[0].replace(re, '$1$3').replace(/(&|\?)$/, '');
            if (typeof hash[1] !== 'undefined' && hash[1] !== null) url += '#' + hash[1];
        if (typeof value !== 'undefined' && value !== null) {
            const separator = url.indexOf('?') !== -1 ? '&' : '?';
            hash = url.split('#');
            url = hash[0] + separator + key + '=' + value;
            if (typeof hash[1] !== 'undefined' && hash[1] !== null) url += '#' + hash[1];
    window.history.pushState({ path: url }, '', url);

And then I can call the Delphi function as follows:

  SetQueryParam('first_name', 'Shaun');
  SetQueryParam('last_name', 'Roselt');

The above code works and it does what I need, but it's a mix between JavaScript and Delphi code. It's just messy and I don't like it.

Surely, there must be a built-in Delphi method for setting the URL param in TMS Web Core?

  • Where do you want to set the parameter? GetQueryParam works on the url the page was opened with. What url do you want to set parameters in? In one you are then going to use later on?
    – NineBerry
    Sep 26 at 23:12
  • @NineBerry I want to set it within the current URL Sep 26 at 23:16
  • @NineBerry I updated my question to show the code that I'm currently using for setting a URL param. I currently do it within the Delphi asm code block using JavaScript. Sep 26 at 23:25

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TMS Web Core has three global variables that you can use to access the commonly used functionality of the document, window and console objects in JavaScript.

This is how they are declared as global variables in the Web unit:

  document: TJSDocument;
  window: TJSWindow;
  console: TJSConsole;

From the global window variable, you can call pushState the same way as you use it in your JavaScript code.

enter image description here

By accessing the window object and using its function, you can rewrite your JavaScript code into native Delphi code.

Simple sample:

procedure TForm8.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  NewUri: string;
  NewUri:= window.location.href + '?a=b'; // Needs more logic
  window.history.pushState(nil, document.title, NewUri);

As far as I am aware there is no built-in function in TMS Web Core to work with uris.

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