I am having issues with the following code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var Rectangle:TRectangle;
Animation: TFloatAnimation;
Rectangle := TRectangle.Create(Self);
With Rectangle do
    Parent := Form1;
    Height := 65;
    Width := 65;

Animation := TFloatAnimation.Create(Rectangle);
with Animation do
    Parent := Rectangle;
      PropertyName := 'Size.Width';
      StartValue := 65;
      StopValue := 120;
      Trigger := 'IsMouseOver=true';
      TriggerInverse := 'IsMouseOver=false';
      Interpolation := TInterpolationType.Cubic;

Whenever my mouse cursor leaves the created rectangle, it leaves an "afterimage" as shown below: "Afterimage" after the inverse of the Animation How can I fix this?

Whenever I tried increasing the duration of the Float Animation, it did not leave the afterimage. However, I am required to have a faster animation without the slow-down of having a long animation.

  • this is FMX, isn't it? Sep 28 at 12:22
  • yes @complete_stranger
    – Jayden404
    Sep 28 at 12:26
  • From PropertyName := 'Size.Width'; remove Size. Iow, use: PropertyName := 'Width'; Sep 28 at 13:11
  • Tom is right. For some reason changing size of FMX components using Size.Width does not notify parent component/control that it needs updating. I'm not sure whether this is by design or a bug. Sep 28 at 15:11


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