I know, a very esoteric and specific question, but I'm spending ages trying to figure out why none of the navigation events get triggered when I'm trying to get a web page capture inside an app that was launched with ShellExecute(0, 'open', PChar('WebpageFetcher.exe'), nil, nil, SW_HIDE), while they do get triggered when using SW_SHOW.

Tried using both WVBrowser1.CreateBrowser(WVWindowParent1.Handle) and WVBrowser1.CreateWindowlessBrowser(WVWindowParent1.Handle).

Both work perfectly when using SW_SHOW, but I'm guessing that because the main form is hidden when using SW_HIDE, the OnNavigationCompleted and OnCapturePreviewCompleted are not triggered.

However, OnDOMContentLoaded does get triggered in all cases.

Might it be that, when using SW_HIDE, the app doesn't have a proper messaging loop running and these events don't get propagated...?

Overlooking something very basic, I'm sure. I don't need to see any form, just get the capture.

If anyone has any pointers, appreciated.



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