I try to use DCC32 to compile Delphi project from Delphi XE8 but I cannot compile with runtime packages. In -LU options, I can only specify Delphi system package. It seems to able to locate the dcp from Delphi system directory. But if I add a third party package which is installed in other location, DCC32 will say runtime package not found.

The following work


The following does not work


Report kbmMemRunDX8Std not found. Anyone know how to setup the cfg file to search for runtime package? All other search options are for different files

-U for source units (.pas, .dfm) -I for include units (.inc) -R for resource units (.res) -O for object units (*.obj)

Appreciate if anyone know the answer. (Same problem if I use MSBuild).

Finally, the --depends option does not work, but this is not the question.

  • Please ignore --depends not work. It work and the output was in the same directory as the exe.
    – Gerald Me
    Oct 4 at 10:31


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