i have used code below on check box click. It works on local host but it not worked in mobile when i unchecked check box any one have solution for this?

$("#checkbox-1a").change (function(){
    var chkstatus = $(this).attr('checked'); 
    if (chkstatus != 'checked') {
    } else {

Thanks in advance


Because jQuery mobile uses all that fancy markup, you need to call a special jQuery mobile function to update the check box.

$("#id").prop("checked", true/false).checkboxradio('refresh');

Works just fine. I think there are other ways to set the property, but make sure to include the refresh, otherwise jQm doesn't update the markup.

  • Thank you. The last refresh part was important. – trgraglia Feb 28 '13 at 15:40

have you tried the :checked selector?

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