What sites do you know of that are using Silverlight? This information will help us to decide when to adopt the Silverlight platform.

The sites should be public-facing and be considered high-traffic. (at least 300,000 hits per month).

We are a Microsoft shop and Silverlight is based on .NET, so that is very attractive to us. But my research has turned up only a couple of high-traffic public websites that are using Silverlight: The NBC Olympics website and the Major League Baseball site (which is moving to Flash).


The following public-facing sites use Silverlight. I don't have any data to show that they meet your "high-volume" criteria, although I'm sure that NCAA, NBC Olympics, and Microsoft Downloads easily qualify.

For even more, check out the Silverlight Showcase at http://silverlight.net/showcase/.


I believe netflix uses silverlight as an option. I'm not a subscriber so I can't confirm.

  • Netflix has moved to Silverlight - they previously used an ActiveX object which made "Watch Now" IE only.
    – Rob Allen
    Apr 21 '09 at 15:24
  • I can confirm for you. They switched to silverlight in October 2008, as this gave them mac support.
    – Jehiah
    Apr 21 '09 at 15:26

The only other site I could find was CBSSports.com when they used Silverlight to cover the NCAA tournament.


The reason that Major League Baseball switched from Sliverlight to Flash is that a lot of people watch baseball at work (?!?). They had trouble getting Silverlight installed because PCs in a corporate environment are typically locked down and users can't install software on them. But almost all PCs have Flash installed. Article here:



NBC used it for the Olymipcs.


Setanta sports have launched a interactive video site based on Silverlight. Can't judge on traffic as it only went live this week - but I'd expect it to become pretty high volume



Another cool silverlight site www.windows4all.com

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