AM querying an access database, selecting records from two tables, in vb6 using the following query

SELECT stock.*,suppliers.id, suppliers.s_name as supplier FROM stock,suppliers 
WHERE stock.supplier_id=suppliers.id

but i get the following error when i run the query

-2147467259   Type mismatch in expression.   Microsoft JET Database Engine

can anyone tell me what is wrong



Both stock.supplier_id, suppliers.id are long integer data type

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    Edit your post to include the data type of columns stock.supplier_id and suppliers.id. – HardCode Oct 11 '11 at 19:49
  • Can you post the whole of the VB6 code that runs this query? Since the data types of the two fields are identical, it has to be something else. – HardCode Oct 11 '11 at 20:02

stock.supplier_id and suppliers.id must have compatible types for this equality to work.

There a a few converting functions available, since you have not provided the types, CStr should do it.

Additionally, I would advise you to avoid implicit joins:

SELECT stock.*,suppliers.id, suppliers.s_name as supplier 
FROM stock 
inner join suppliers 
on CStr(stock.supplier_id) = CStr(suppliers.id)
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