I like to know if there is any way to know if a plugin is Just installed. I don't care if that is activated yet, but only if that plugin is installed !

Do you know any good way to do that?

I have to be more specific. I know where to find the plugins and I know how I can see if there are installed. The question is, if there is any programaticly way to check if the plugin is installed.

ie: WordPress provide us with register_activation_hook() to make any operation we like on the plugin activation, but there is no any relevant hook for plugin installation. Is there any way to determine the plugin installation ?

  • Are you talking about checking from a php script file? Like to see if a plugin exists? And if so, is it a particular plugin, or any plugin? – Senica Gonzalez Oct 12 '11 at 11:05

Here is the best way I have found so far: (this was written as of WP 3.5)


The main thing to keep in mind with register_activation_hook is that it is called as a mediary page between clicking an activate link from wp-admin/plugins.php and seeing the Plugin Activated notice after it has been hooked in. I found this out after I tried using the $_GET variable that are sent from the Activate link. If you take a good look the link you click too and the link you end up at are slightly different. This is why you cannot use add_action(), do_action() or add_filter(), .. within the register_activation_hook() triggers. It instantly redirects once a plugin has been activated.


You can however use add_option during the hook processes like so

/* Main Plugin File */
register_activation_hook( __FILE__, function() {
  /* activation code here */

function load_plugin() {
    if(is_admin()&&get_option('Activated_Plugin')=='Plugin-Slug') {
     /* do some stuff once right after activation */

That should get you started...


There are several ways to check that I can think of:

  • Check that the plugin folder exists
  • Check that a hook or filter is defined
  • Check that a define() is defined - wait till plugins_loaded hook runs for this one
  • Check an options field for related values set by the plugin
  • Check that a class has been defined

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