Facebook is eating the lunch of many Bulletin Boards; I can't beat 'em, but I can join 'em. I'd like to make it easy for folks to register for login to my phpBB Board by passing their FB credentials from a FB Group I administer - FB Login. However, as I understand it:

FB Login requires "Advanced Access" to a person's public profile;

To gain Advanced Access, you must have business verification;

For business verification, you must supply supporting documentation:

For business legal name and address, any one of the following is acceptable: Certificates/Articles of Incorporation, Business Licenses/Permits, Bank Statements, Bank Summaries, or Bank Letters. For business address, the following Utilities Bills are also acceptable: Water, Gas, Electric, Phone Bill. For business address verification, please make sure your document shows both the business' legal name AND address.

I supplied ICANN documentation of my website registration, which includes personal details, address and phone number - but this was deemed insufficient.

Do I really have to incorporate to enable FB Login?!? Or is there some other way out of this box? I just want to make it possible for FB users to login into my website and participate, with their credentials already accepted for one-click registration.

  • This is a question for Facebook/Meta support, not Stack Overflow. See Why can't I ask customer service-related questions on Stack Overflow? Nov 13 at 16:05
  • It's actually not a question I can get answered by Facebook/Meta support - they will provide answers to verified businesses, which I am not. I don't have a question as a verified business; my question, is if it's possible to incorporate FB login without becoming a verified business, and if at all possible, how can I do it. Nov 14 at 21:22
  • Well... it's also not a question you can get answered here, on Stack Overflow. Aside from this being 100% a customer service issue, this isn't a programming question. Nov 14 at 21:26


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