I am new to python, mongodb and sql. I am working in Eclipse 3.7.1 on a Mac 10.7. I am using a pyodbc driver (and freeTDS) to connect to an mssql database. I am scripting in python 2.7. I want to query the mssql database and write it out to a mongo database.

Where I stumble is that the query output is in a python list of tuples without field names, and I am looking for a way to convert this list of tuples into a form that mongodb will import.

Current script:

    # Query mssql
    import pyodbc
    import json
    url = 'DSN=myServer;UID=myUserName;PWD=myPassword;PORT=1433;DATABASE=mydb'
    pyodbccon = pyodbc.connect(url)
    cursor = pyodbccon.cursor()

    numusersQ = "SELECT COUNT(users.userid) FROM users"; 
    cursor.execute(numusersQ); numusers = cursor.fetchall()
    nummembsQ = "SELECT COUNT(memberships.membernumber) FROM memberships"; 
    cursor.execute(nummembsQ); nummembs = cursor.fetchall()
    userclientQ = "SELECT users.userid, users.client, users.industry FROM users"
    cursor.execute(userclientQ); userclient = cursor.fetchall()

    #format key value tuples
    output = []
    for row in userclient:
        tuplenew = {'userid': row[0], 'client': row[1], 'industry': row[2], 'numusers': numusers, 'nummembs': nummembs}
        output = [output, tuplenew]

    #output to mongo
    from pymongo.connection import Connection ;
    conmongo = Connection('localhost') 
    db = conmongo.mypymongodb

    for key, value in output():
        temp = [key,value]

    cursor = db.pymongocollection.find() 


OUTPUT looks like:

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[], {'numusers': [(103068, )], 'industry': 'npwild', 'client': 'cmh', 'userid': 1, 'nummembs': [(10519, )]}], {'numusers': [(103068, )], 'industry': 'npwild', 'client': 'cmh', 'userid': 2, 'nummembs': [(10519, )]}], {'numusers': [(103068, )], 'industry': 'npwild', 'client': 'cmh', 'userid': 3, 'nummembs': [(10519, )]}], {'numusers': [(103068, )], 'industry': 'npwild', 'client': 'cmh', 'userid': 5, 'nummembs': [(10519, )]}]


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/eclipse/workspace/pymongo/pymongopkg.py", line 34, in <module>
    for key, value in output():
TypeError: 'list' object is not callable

If anyone can just suggest a function or direct me to a solution I'd be ever so greatful.


this is how i got it to work:

  1. pyodbc to query mssql database
  2. python dict and zip to convert list of tuples into key-value dictionary pairs
  3. pymongo to save it as collection

    import pyodbc
    url = 'DSN=myserver;UID=myusername;PWD=mypassword;PORT=1433;DATABASE=mydatabase;'
    pyodbccon = pyodbc.connect(url); cursor = pyodbccon.cursor()
    userdataQ = "SELECT users.userid, users.client, users.industry FROM users"
    cursor.execute(userdataQ); userdata = cursor.fetchall()
    ## 2. convert tuple list to key-value dictionary
    ## 3. export to mongodb
    from pymongo import Connection; conmongo = Connection('localhost') 
    db = conmongo.mypymongodb #mypymongodb = dbname
    headers = ['userid','client','industry'] 
    for tup in userdata:
        nextdoc = dict(zip(headers, tup))
    print "usercollection in mypymongodb updated with " + str(db.usercollection.count()) + " docs"


> db.usercollection.find()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4ef000000"), "industry" : "npwild", "client" : "cmh", "userid" : 1 }
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4ef000001"), "industry" : "npwild", "client" : "cmh", "userid" : 2 }
{ "_id" : ObjectId("4ef000002"), "industry" : "npwild", "client" : "cmh", "userid" : 3 }

thank you for your help! -d


Disclaimer: I don't have any experience with mongoDB, but as it seems to import JSON-formatted data, it looks like you're almost there.

The problem I see is in this part:

output = []
for row in userclient:
    tuplenew = {'userid': row[0], 'client': row[1], 'industry': row[2], 'numusers': numusers, 'nummembs': nummembs}
    output = [output, tuplenew] # <--- problematic line

What you do here is assign the output list to itself. If you'd simply append the items to it by replacing the problematic line with output.append(tuplenew) you would get a list of dictionaries; similar to your JSON format required by mongoDB.

By iterating over that list, you can export the items to the database. I think it will look like this then:

for item in output:

That's all I can say for now, because there are quite some things unclear in your question: the traceback mentions a call that I can't find; the mongooutput list isn't defined; your iteration over the output list uses brackets like it's calling a function... all in all, the code won't likely run in this state.

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