I need to add leaningen project


from tailwind to my compojure project. Where should I put it?

After starting the server, I am naively calling


But that does not work.

Does anybody know, how I can add these static files in compojure?


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You need to serve the static files from your server. When using Leiningen you can place the file in the resources/public folder in the root. Ensure the project.clj points to the resource folder with :resource-paths ["resources"]. Then serve the resources folder using Compojure:

(:require [ring.middleware.resource :refer [wrap-resource]])

(def app
  (wrap-resource approutes "public")) ; serve static files from "resources/public"

(def server (run-jetty #'app {:join? false, :port 3000}))

See Serve static resources using Clojure's Ring for a more elaborate example.

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