I am trying to send very similar emails to 2 Gmail addresses that should end up in the same inbox: "[email protected]" "[email protected]"

However, I don't get consistent results. Sometimes both emails are received, but most often only 1 is in the inbox (the one that was sent first). The "Spam" folder is clear as well, so the second email just "disappears". Also, I don't face any issues when trying to send these emails to different addresses.

The delay between sending them is minimal, I am using SendGrid's personalizations, so both emails are sent in 1 request.

I wonder whether this issue could be caused by some Gmail functionality that excludes similar emails in 1 inbox.

  • What do your SendGrid logs or other available logs say? If the two emails have the same status, response codes, or what have you, it's likely a Gmail problem. What is the function of the application you're building, a mailing list I assume?
    – John Smith
    Nov 20 at 22:43


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