I have installed MitTeX on W10. Asymptote is installed in MikTeX in folder ..\miktex\bin\x64\asy.exe When I start this on the command line, I can give an Asymptote command like draw((0,0)--(10,0)); and a file out.eps will immediately be created with the correct asymptote drawing. In the MitKeX console I also installed the asyfig and asymptote packages. When I create with texworks the following Latex doc and use either pdfLatex, xeLatex or luaLatex, just a blank page with a pagenumber and the capture test is created but without any asymptote picture displayed in it. I also tried

latex test.tex asy test-1.asy latex test.tex

But this only resulted into a blank square pdf file to be created. Is there some configurations I am missing?


    \caption{test figure}

I used latex, pdflatex, xelatex and lualatex but none of them seem to work and create the asymptote image



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