I am wanting to recreate this plot using matplotlib and I am struggling to et the ratios correct with regards to the white space between the bars in the first subplot. Could anyone please offer some advice?

Much appreciated!

I have tried this so far, but this plot isn't quite right. I am also struggling with the legend not having all of the labels I have stated.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

#This style looks the best

#Sizes the plot nicely to see in python

labels_alcohol = ['Borchers et al.', 'Donnelly et al.']
values_alcohol = [24, 1]

labels_formalin = ['Wang and Feng', 'van Haaren et al.', 'Borchers et al.', 'Gustafson et al.', 'Ebacher et al.']
values_formalin = [3, 3, 24, 52, 52]

fig, axs = plt.subplots(2, 1, sharex=True)
# Remove vertical space between axes

# Plot each graph, and manually set the y tick values
axs[0].barh(labels_alcohol[0], values_alcohol[0], color='white', label='No Change', hatch="\\", edgecolor="black", height=0.2)
axs[0].barh(labels_alcohol[1], values_alcohol[1], color='white', label='Major Change', hatch="x", edgecolor="black", height=0.2)

axs[1].barh(labels_formalin[0], values_formalin[0], color='white', label='_No Change', hatch="\\", edgecolor="black", height=0.8)
axs[1].barh(labels_formalin[1], values_formalin[1], color='white', label='_Major Change', hatch="x", edgecolor="black", height=0.8)
axs[1].barh(labels_formalin[2], values_formalin[2], color='white', label='Minor Change', hatch="o", edgecolor="black", height=0.8)
axs[1].barh(labels_formalin[3], values_formalin[3], color='white', label='_No Change', hatch="\\", edgecolor="black", height=0.8)
axs[1].barh(labels_formalin[4], values_formalin[4], color='white', label='_No Change', hatch="\\", edgecolor="black", height=0.8)

plt.xlabel('Weeks Stored')

plt.savefig("Storage Protocol Plot.pdf")
  • Instead of working with subplots, one could draw everything into one plot, and then add extra labels and lines. See e.g. Adding multi level X axis, but with ax.get_yaxis_transform() instead of ax.get_xaxis_transform().
    – JohanC
    Nov 28, 2023 at 12:56
  • Thank you for the idea, it worked a treat! I really appreciate the help! Nov 29, 2023 at 6:55

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So thanks to an idea from JohanC (See comment below original post) I managed to come up with a solution. I made it one plot and simply added a horizontal line using plt.axhline which divided the plot into the two categories. I just added two text blocks for the titles of the categories using plt.text.

Here are the examples of the additions I made:

plt.axhline(y = 1.5, xmin=-0.15, xmax=1.05, color = 'black', linewidth=0.8, linestyle = '-', clip_on=False)

plt.text(x=55.5, y=0, s='Alcohol', rotation='vertical', clip_on=False, fontsize='x-large')

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