I have created a firemonkey app for windows with many components-editbox, label, rectangles, layout and a database in sqllite. I want to transfer combobox data to database table but failed. Anyone help how to transfer data from combobox to sqllite database.

I have tried these -

  1. FDQue.FieldByName('CustomerName').AsString :=cbCN.Items.Text;
  2. FDQue.FieldByName('CustomerName').AsString :=cbCN.Selected.Text;

Both syntax are not success. First syntax store only first item of combobox into database. Second gives "Access Violation error"

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    Please add a language tag. Is this Delphi? It is neither valid VB nor valid C#. Of what type is FDQue? You probably need something like this (just a shot in the dark): FDQue.FieldByName("CustomerName").Value = cbCN.SelectedItem;. FireMonkey is not winforms. Nov 28, 2023 at 13:21
  • Delphi, FDQue is query Nov 28, 2023 at 19:17
  • You nedd to append each "line" into the query component. Use FDQue.Append before setting the data value Nov 28, 2023 at 20:32

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You need to use the following code example:

FDQue.FieldByName('CustomerName').AsString := cbCN.Items[cbCN.ItemIndex];

It will store the selected ComboBox item into the field CustomerName.

Also don't forget to call FDQue.Post after you have set all necessary field values to finally save them to the database!

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    Using cbCN.Selected.Text will work just fine provided that cbCN.Selected is not nil, so check for that beforhand. If you use cbCN.Items[cbCN.ItemIndex] then you have to check that ItemIndex is not -1 before using it with Items[]. Nov 28, 2023 at 22:12

Be careful when using ComboBox.Selected.Text, because Selected here doesn't always mean that this item was actually selected, whereas ComboBox.ItemIndex always does.

Selected also indicates that this item was the last to be hovered over in the dropdown list.

So, your option would be:

if (cbCN.ItemIndex <> -1) // Check if ComboBox has a selected item
    FDQue.FieldByName('CustomerName').AsString := cbCN.Items[cbCN.ItemIndex];

If I understand correctly you want to read the selected text and store it in your DB. This can be done quite easily.

  1. If your table (or query or whatever) is on a different form (such as a datamodule), add the datamodule to your form's uses clause.

  2. Go to the Livebindings property of your combobox and click on the arrow.

  3. Bind Visually will pop up. Click on it.

  4. The Livebindings Designer should then come up with all your components and the tables on your datamodule.

  5. Now all you need to do is locate the correct field and drag a line to the selected text property of your combobox.

I always use TFDTables but see no reason it wouldn't work just as well with a TFDQuery.

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