I've been using RAD for a few months now, and recently the ClearCase plugin has stopped working. Upon installation everything was gravy, but then I went ahead and installed a Adobe Flex Builder plugin which seemed to break ClearCase. I get the error message:

Connect to Rational ClearCase failed. Please ensure that the proper version of clearCase is installed with the proper patches. Consult the ClearCase SCM Adapter documentation for further details.

Provider name: IBM

Plugin name: Rational ClearCase SCM Adapter

Plugin ID: com.rational.clearcase

Version: 7.6.0.v201105111445

I should add that I managed to fix this issue once before, after the Adobe Flex install. But now it has cropped up again, this time (seemingly) unprovoked. I cannot for the life of me remember what I did to fix this the first time around. There is a similar question here on stackoverflow, but the answer didn't provide me with much inspiration.


Have you changed the instance of RAD that you are using? If it is the case, you may want to check if your RAD is based on a 64-bit eclipse. The SCM adapter is indeed only compatible with 32-bit JRE. See infos about SCM adapter on 64 bit systems

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