I'm trying ASM(Anthos Service Mesh) to create a service mesh in the GKE.

I'm looking at the following steps, but do we need to use a self-signed certificate here?

In the following steps, you generate and install a certificate (as a Kubernetes secret resource) that enables the GFE to establish a TLS connection to the service mesh's ingress gateway. https://cloud.google.com/architecture/exposing-service-mesh-apps-through-gke-ingress/deployment#install_the_self-signed_ingress_gateway_certificate

apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3
kind: Gateway
    name: asm-ingressgateway
    namespace: asm-ingress
    asm: ingressgateway
  - port:
      number: 443
      name: https
      protocol: HTTPS
    - "*" # IMPORTANT: Must use wildcard here when using SSL, see note below
      mode: SIMPLE
      credentialName: edge2mesh-credential # <- HERE

It would be easier to manage if I could replace it with the GKE ManagedCertificate or the GCP Managed SSL Certificate.

The GKE mode is autopilot, so we can't use ASM Gateway. It seems ASM Gateway can use networking.gke.io/pre-shared-certs: $GCP_COMPUTE_MANAGED_SSL_CERTIFICATE.

ref: https://cloud.google.com/service-mesh/docs/managed/service-mesh-cloud-gateway

  • Even with ASM Gateway, the pre-shared cert is actually being used to configure the load balancer and not the actual ingress gateway.
    – Gari Singh
    Commented Dec 16, 2023 at 10:27


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