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How can I extract java exe to jar

Is there a way to convert exe to jar file? for example i have an exe file that was written with java first, then i convert to jar file then exe file. Can i convert it back to jar file? I understand that java programs can be made into an exe and there are tools to convert jar files to exe but is it possible to convert back? I searched many sites but couldn't come up with the answer yet. Is it impossible or not? Does any one know a program to covert EXE files to JAR files, I know there are a lot to do the opposite.

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You cannot "convert" it, you can try to extract the JAR file which is inside, but:

  1. some Java-to-EXE packagers don't actually embed JAR files into EXE files, but for example they embed .class files or use other techniques;
  2. some Java-to-EXE packagers try to 'protect' the intellectual property of the developer by making it difficult to recover the JAR and/or the .class files.
  3. some Java-to-EXE compilers do actually compile the code into an executable. So no luck.

I'd start using an EXE Resource Inspector, like Resource Hacker. I have to inform you that extracting resouces from an executable you didn't create yourself may be illegal, depending on the license it is released with.


Conversion of jar to exe is highly implementation dependent and so is the reverse conversion procedure.

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