I'm using GitLab CICD, in docker-test stage as defined docker_test: image: docker:stable services: - docker:stable-dind stage: docker-test ...

yesterday worked fine, but today - GitLab pipeline 'docker_test' fails with: TypeError: kwargs_from_env() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ssl_version'

I've found on the internet that it could be an upgrade to 7.0.0 https://docker-py.readthedocs.io/en/stable/change-log.html

Someone here suggested (for a different setup) downgrading to prev 6.3.1

After searching - have no idea how to do that. Maybe there are other solutions to this?

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Summarising the discussion at docker-py:

Docker1 has made a change in v7.0.0 that breaks Docker Compose v1 written in Python (pip install docker-compose available as docker-compose). It has been deprecated and replaced by Docker Compose v2 implemented in Go which comes OOB as docker compose (sub-command).

Permanent fix: Switch to Docker Compose v2 (no extra installation required, read the migration docs to fix compatibility issues). Docker Compose v2 switch is totally worth, btw; it is a near implementation.

Temporary fix: Downgrade Docker1 using pip install docker==6.1.3 to the version that works with Docker Compose (v1).

Note: There is a request to provide backward compatibility — not sure if it will be accepted.

Credit: Tim Panohos's answer for the issue link.

1. Docker's python wrapper docker-py; not the real executable docker which is written in Go.


Found this article on Git: https://github.com/docker/docker-py/issues/3194#issuecomment-1848950456

I got it to work by reverting the suggested change in the utils.py i.e. sudo nano ./usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/docker/utils/utils.py

Finding: def kwargs_from_env(environment=None):(See file docker/utils/utils.py line 344)

and adding: def kwargs_from_env(environment=None, ssl_version=None)

However, I think there is a reason for why its depreciated and probably due to encrytions have evolved - so I would try it get your project to run then revert back...?


Thanks, everyone for the great ideas. This is how we've solved the problem:

As we did not want to downgrade to 6.1.3, we went and replaced docker-compose to docker compose cmd, but it failed to build as there was no supported argument '-f file.yml'.

it became clear that in GitLab CI/CD we were using image "docker:latest" which seems to have been built like 3 years ago and it supported docker client 18.smth

finally, we switched the image to image: docker:20.10.24 services: - docker:20.10.24-dind that we understood as the real latest stable version.

with the cleaning of some previous compatibility hacks it worked fine.

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I got this error after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 and switchin from python2.7 to python 3.8. After googling, the fix is

sudo pip install --upgrade docker-py

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