i have a simple xna game that i want to port that to silverlight, at this time i have two problem:

1- i have a custom effect that needs a Texture2D parameter, but SilverlightEffectParameter.SetValue method doesn't accept an argument of type Texture2D, so how can i set my effect parameter in silverlight?

2- i need to get the pixel colors of my Texture2D(that i loaded from content with ContentManager.Load) but in silverlight there isn't Texture2D.GetData method, how can i do this in silverlight?

i uses silverlight 3d application template(from silverlight 5 toolkit)
(i also asked my question here)


As for the GetData, I used the Silverlight Toolkit and wrote a custom content importer for it. I created a class that holds the color data and can return a Texture2D (with a ToTexture2D method) so you don't have to import from disk twice. I blogged about the solution here:


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