I'm working with Doctrine2, and have a entity containing a string property that represents a WKT geometry:

class Entity {
    /** @Column(type="string") */
    protected $wkt;

I'd like to have this field transparently saved to a GEOMETRY field in the database, as such:

INSERT INTO ... VALUES(GeomFromText(?))
SELECT AsText(field) FROM ...

I had a look at the custom mapping types, but couldn't find where to apply such an SQL function.

Any idea?

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    Just to clarify, you're hoping to update a field in the database whenever another field is modified? I'm not too familiar with Doctrine, but you could probably use triggers. – Michael Mior Oct 14 '11 at 11:38
  • No, actually I just need a transparent transformation between WKT (text) and Geometry (binary) when persisting/hydrating an entity! The database handles that with the GeomFromText() and AsText() SQL functions. – Benjamin Oct 14 '11 at 11:45

Maybe you could look at LifecycleCallbacks:

 * @PrePersist
public function sendOptinMail() {
    //do sql query : SELECT GeoFromText()...
    $this->yourField = ...

and then set the field to the returned value.

  • That would mean injecting the db in my model, something I want to avoid... and does not give a solution for retrieving the value! – Benjamin Oct 14 '11 at 15:26

Just found out that this feature is not currently implemented, but a feature request does exist for it:


It might be available in Doctrine 2.2

Update: this feature has been confirmed for 2.2, which is to be release soon.

Update: this is now available in Doctrine 2.2!

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