I started a project with the Python web framwork 'Pyramid', using the template engine 'chameleon'.

I'm a beginner of this frameworks, but I have to use it for a customer.

I follow the steps in order to install the framework, then I started coding, just for training purpose!

My first application was a stupid, simple CRUD application.

What I'm doing is:

in my __init__.py I have, for each view, the following code:


base.pt is the main template with header and footer and a div with the following code:


in my file view.py each view has 2 lines like the following:

body = render('templates/list.pt',{'list':list ,'project':'myProject'}, request=request)
return {'body':body}

and in my list.pt there is the content which will be embedded in base.pt

All seemed to work good. But after an update of the libraries, now I can't see my template correctly.

Instead the actual html code there are html entities:

 &lt;div class="clear"&gt;&lt;/div&gt;

so, obviously the page doesn't look well.

The problems seems to be in the render method, since the html of base.pt template is displayed correctly.


Using the ${} syntax escapes the included text by default (to help defend against XSS injection attacks).

Instead, use the structure: prefix to tell the rendering engine to not escape your text:

<div>${structure: body}</div>

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