I have a JSON string looking like that (simplified):

  { "id":1, "friends":[2] },
  { "id":2, "friends":[1,3] },
  { "id":3, "friends":[] }

The content of friends are ids of other users in the list.

Is it possible somehow to create a Java class like the one below from the JSON just with Data Binding using Jackson or do I need an intermediate step for that?

public class User {
  private long userid;
  private List<User> friends;
// ... getters/setters

Thanks for your help.


There is no fully annotative way to do this, so you would need custom JsonSerializer / JsonDeserializer. Jackson 1.9 adds two new features that might help:

  • ValueInstantiators, so you can add constructors for deserializer to convert from basic integer into POJO
  • Value injection so you could pass additional context object (which you would need to find ids of already deserializer objects, to map then from integer to instance)

However I am not 100% sure how to combine these two features for specific use case...

  • Thanks, I will look into that. – Sören Brunk Oct 17 '11 at 9:35

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