i noticed that my projet is loading css and fonts online , so when my laptop is offline the project is loaded with no css , i have searched how to load css locally but it looks no much documentation about that.

in index.html i have noticed that jHipster add the url to load fonts and css after this comment

 <!-- jhipster-needle-add-resources-to-root - JHipster will add new resources here -->

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I tried to reproduce this issue by turning off my internet connection and running ./mvnw clean and ./mvnw spring-boot:run on my jhipster7-demo project. Everything renders just fine. I also tried with JHipster 8 and didn't have any issues.

  • thx for your answer. but maybe you had already all resources cached , try to run the app from another session in browser without internet.
    – leonidas79
    Jan 5 at 11:51
  • I tried again and used a couple of browsers in incognito mode. I still can't reproduce the problem. Maybe someone modified your app to load its resources from the web? This is not the default behavior in a newly-generated JHipster project. Jan 6 at 16:36

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