We have noticed in one of prod cluster that one of node was trying to communicte or Handshake with other cluster nodes in same AWS Account/Network zone. I'm not sure why it is happening. I have verified the configuration and looks good with respective node IP address. Did anyone experience this behaviour?

DB Version: 4.0.1

Regards, Mani

  • It sounds like your snitch properties are wrong. Did you check the cassandra-rackdc.properties or cassandra-topology.properties files? Jan 3 at 15:25
  • @stevenlacerda The configuration looks good. The new node was used by other cluster few months back and the same IP address has been assgined to different cluster node now. Jan 3 at 15:32

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I would check the seed list configured on both clusters as well as using cqlsh to check system.peers on both clusters.

Normally if a node attempts to communicate with a cluster it is a not a part of, the log will contain a warning. It knows it's not a part of the cluster due to the cluster name not matching.

I've see then in clusters where the seed list on 1 cluster, was using names and the DNS had an incorrect address.

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