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My Laravel application does have previous tests that validate notifications send. The typical


$this->post('/forgot-password', ['email' => $user->email]);

Notification::assertSentTo($user, ResetPassword::class);

and some various similar others. But... now that I'm testing notifications that are sent from a command call, things happen differently.

public function testHandle_happyPath()

    $customer = CustomerFactory::new()->default()->create([
        'account_status' => AccountStatus::TRIAL,
        'created_at' => Carbon::now()->subDays(28)

    $result = $this->artisan(NotifyTrialsToExpireCommand::class);

    Notification::assertSentTo($customer, TrialNextToExpireNotification::class);

The result is

The expected [App\Notifications\TrialNextToExpireNotification] notification was not sent.

My phpunit conf already haves <server name="QUEUE_CONNECTION" value="sync"/> to avoid any related issue.

I've tested it manually and it works.

It's clear that it relates directly to the use of $this->artisan call. What thing could I ignore? This type of tests should be prepared differently? I'ts not possible to test this way?

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Try running it this way and see what happens. Instead of

$result = $this->artisan(NotifyTrialsToExpireCommand::class);





Yes, changing the order like that (using a variable) affects when it is run.

Based on how $this->artisan(...) works, it will use the __destruct (read more here about Laravel; official PHP documentation about it) magic PHP keyword to execute the command, and because you are using $result = and then calling the assert, it may not trigger correctly (as expected).

  • In fact... It changed it all! And it works. .. why? I cannot see any important action performed by assertSuccessful() alongside validate exit code. - Thxs ! Commented Jan 5 at 18:50
  • 2
    Check the first documentation I shared (github.com/laravel/framework/blob/…), what it does is, when PHP detects that nothing else is calling/using the resulting object that $this->artisan() generates (PendingCommand class), it will then run the command, your issue was that the command was not run until after the $resul->assertSuccessful(), so your $customer->refresh before that line is still unchanged Commented Jan 5 at 19:10

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