I am using libffi in C and receive a warning from clang-tidy that I do not quite understand.

I am allocating memory on the heap for an array of elements of type ffi_type:

ffi_type **arg_types = malloc(num_total_args * sizeof(ffi_type));

and receive the following warning:

Result of 'malloc' is converted to a pointer of type 'ffi_type *', which is incompatible with sizeof operand type 'ffi_type'

Could somebody give me a hint, how to fix it? The actual definition of the ffi_type is

typedef struct _ffi_type
  size_t size;
  unsigned short alignment;
  unsigned short type;
  struct _ffi_type **elements;
} ffi_type;

and actually it is not clear to me, why it is incompatible with the sizeof operator.

UPDATE: Helpful comments by @IanAbbot, @Toby Speight, @dbush helped me realized the (quite silly actually) issue. It must be

ffi_type **arg_types = malloc(num_total_args * sizeof(ffi_type *));

(mind the last asterisk), as the array is of elements of type ffi_type *.

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    Are you trying to allocate space for an array of ffi_type* or an array of ffi_type? EDIT: Your question says you are allocating space for an array of ffi_type, so you need ffi_type *arg_types to point to the first element.
    – Ian Abbott
    Jan 17 at 13:17
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    That's one reason we normally write arg_types = malloc(num_total_args * sizeof *arg_types) instead of repeating the type in the size calculation. Easier to get it right, and keep it right that way! Jan 17 at 13:18
  • Some parts of the libffi API use an array of ffi_type and some parts use an array of ffi_type *.
    – Ian Abbott
    Jan 17 at 13:28
  • @IanAbbott, yeah, it's my typo, I am creating an array of type ffi_type *. I have realized that it should be sizeof(ffi_type *) instead of sizeof(ffi_type). Jan 17 at 13:43
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    That's probably worth reporting as a bug, since it's the common idiom to avoid such errors. Jan 17 at 14:48

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You're allocating space for an array of type ffi_type, but assigning the result to a variable of type ffi_type ** which can hold an array of type ffi_type *. That's what you're being warned about.

Change the type of the sizeof expression to match the intended usage.

ffi_type **arg_types = malloc(num_total_args * sizeof(ffi_type *));

Or better yet (as it doesn't depend on the type of arg_types):

ffi_type **arg_types = malloc(num_total_args * sizeof *arg_types);
  • Or, if you intended an array of pointers, sizeof (ffi_type*). Or (better), in any case, adapt to what you're assigning to: sizeof *arg_types. Jan 17 at 13:17
  • Yes, but I actually need the array of elements of type ffi_type *, because this is what libffi wants. Jan 17 at 13:40
  • Ah, OK, I have realized that I need to change sizeof's operand to ffi_type *! Silly mistake, I wonder how the code works at all (and it works actually). UPDATE: it works as the pointer needs less memory than the actual struct ffi_type Jan 17 at 13:41
  • @dbush, thank you! In your answer, in the first solution one asterisk on the left-hand side is missing. The second solution leads to another warning from clang-tidy (suspisous usage of sizeof), so I went with the first solution. Jan 17 at 13:56

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