I'm using the Facebook graph api v19, recently the audience_gender_age.. audience_country.. have been deprecated in v18 so I'm trying to use follower_demographics.. see here for docs: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/instagram-api/reference/ig-user/insights/#breakdown

but the breakdown feature seems to not work unless I'm building it incorrectly. If i do it individually ie.

breakdown=country or breakdown=city

it works but once i try to add multiple like this:


it doesnt work, it also doesnt work if i add another metric like:


I'm trying to get this working but i keep seeing errors -- "message": "An unknown error has occurred.", or if I add online_followers: error -- (#100) The following metric (online_followers) is incompatible with the metric type (total_value)

insights?metric=follower_demographics,online_followers&period= lifetime&metric_type=total_value&breakdown=country,city,age,gender


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