I am working on a website that uses multiple subdomains.

If I login on www.mysite.com and then switch to news.mysite.com the login status works fine.

However, if I call FB.logout while on news.mysite.com I'm am logged out fine. I can go to any page on that subdomain and remained logged out. I can even go to a new subdomain and remain logged out, for example, review.mysite.com.

However, if I go back to www.mysite.com I am logged back in again and the login persists across all subdomains.

Is this an issue with Facebook? If so, is there a workaround? Could it be a bug in my code?


I am not sure but I think if you add/edit the domain name mysite.com as "App Domain" in application settings page in http://facebook.com/developers (and/or specifying the child domains as well) will fix the issue.

  • I have the App Domain set to mysite.com already. I thought that. – Braddle Oct 17 '11 at 16:19

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