I have a TLabel on my form that is black and underlined, but I want the underlined color to be different than the normal color.

How can I do this?

I want the text to be black, but the underline to be red.

I've looked through all the properties, but I can't see it. Is this possible?

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    There is no native way to get a different color for the underline. You will have to subclass the Label and draw it manually Feb 8 at 20:33
  • It can't exist, since .Font.Style = [fsUnderline] and .Font.Color are both bound to... well... the font. What were your attempts to achieve this? How do you expect this can exist? Have you seen what you want in a different program/window you could have screencaptured into your Q?
    – AmigoJack
    Feb 8 at 20:36
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    There are several 3rd party label components that allow HTML code. I don't know whehter this would allow the underline to have a different color than the text, though (otherwise I would have made this an answer, not a comment).
    – dummzeuch
    Feb 9 at 8:33
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    @dummzeuch HTML does not allow the underline to use a different color, but CSS does via the text-decoration-color property. But I haven't seen many (or any) UI controls that support both HTML and CSS, usually they support only HTML. Feb 9 at 15:40
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    Placing another TLabel or TStaticText over the underlined label could be a workaround
    – mjn
    Feb 15 at 1:30


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