While debugging the fb user access tokens created for whatsapp messaging the scopes granted do not show up.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Screenshot of the debug screen with the scopes not showing up

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Debugging Facebook User Access Tokens for WhatsApp messaging can be a bit tricky. Here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Verify the Access Token: You can use the Facebook's Access Token Debugger tool to check the details of an access token, such as Scopes, User ID, Expiry Time etc. Paste your access token into this tool and it will display the associated information.
  2. Check the Scopes: When you request an access token, you need to specify the scopes (permissions) that your app needs. For WhatsApp messaging, you might need scopes like whatsapp_business_management and pages_messaging. Make sure you are requesting these scopes when you get the access token.
  3. Check the App Review Status: If your app is in development mode, it can only access the data of users who have a role in your app (like admin, developer, or tester). To access the data of other users, your app needs to go through App Review to get the necessary permissions. Check the status of your app in the App Dashboard.
  4. Check the User's Permission: Even if your app has the necessary permissions, the user can choose to not grant some of them. If the user does not grant the whatsapp_business_management or pages_messaging permission, you won't be able to send messages on their behalf.

If you've checked all these and still can't see the scopes, you might need to ask for more information or provide more details about the issue.

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