When i run app the main page looks like this: Main Page

In the compiler output there is error like this: [chromium] [INFO:CONSOLE(2)] "Uncaught ReferenceError: Blazor is not defined", source: (2)

I need to add a Blazor page to the existing Maui app. I follow these steps from "Add a BlazorWebView to an existing app": https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/maui/user-interface/controls/blazorwebview?view=net-maui-7.0 I have never used Blazor, so I can't find how to add root component because in hybrid app there is no app.razor file and builder in MauiProgram.cs has no property "RootComponents". I also created a new project from the template to check if it is something like this there, but I can't find it either. Then I copied wwwroot, Pages, Shared, _imports.razor and MainPage.xaml/.cs from the default project which I created earlier. Then add to MauiProgram.cs these lines:


At the end I modified MainPage.xaml to display Counter.razor:

<BlazorWebView HostPage="wwwroot/index.html">
        <RootComponent Selector="#app" ComponentType="{x:Type Pages:Counter}"/> 

That's how project directories looks like: Project Directories

Properties is the same in my project and sample project.

  • Ok, I tested it on new Projects. One on .net 7 and one on .net 8. On .net 7 and mobile this doesn't work but on .net 8 it works fine.
    – Pearu
    Feb 12 at 12:05
  • How can we reproduce this problem? Could you please post the steps of reproducing this problem? Feb 13 at 1:16
  • 1. Create new Project from template: ".NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid App", as Framework choose .NET 7.0 2. Deploy it to android (in my case android 14.0, physical device) 3. Result: Empty page with "There is no content at" label
    – Pearu
    Feb 13 at 9:43
  • Sorry, I did a test, but I couldn't reproduce this problem. You can try to update your Visual Studio to the latest version. Feb 15 at 5:28


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