Using Delphi 12 Athens, patched. FireDAC. developer_interbase2020.

  1. FireDAC Connection Editor specifies Driver ID: IB

  2. TFDGUIxLoginDialog.VisibleItems contains the following list:

    Server InstanceName User_Name Password Database

  3. When the dialog is displayed, only User_Name, Password and Database are displayed. Server and InstanceName do not appear.

  4. Embarcadero documentation shows that other parameters are possible.

    with FDGUIxLoginDialog1.VisibleItems do begin Clear; Add('Server'); Add('User_name=Benutzer'); Add('Password=Kennwort'); Add('OSAuthent'); end; FDConnection1.LoginDialog := FDGUIxLoginDialog1; FDConnection1.Connected := True;

I have checked the Embarcadero QA Jira but have not been able to find any mention of this behavior. Is there a way to get this to work that avoids writing a lot of code?


  • FWIW: I have the same issue with Delphi 11.3 and IB2020. Unable to find a solution to date...
    – Mark
    Feb 24 at 17:31


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