I have been fidgeting with jhipster lately and been out of touch from the spring ecosystem so it's making some of the navigation hard.

Running jhipster 8.1.0 and all microservices are generated with jhipster with micro frontend and reactive, i.e the apigateway and the other services. I am using the registry from docherhub:jhipster/jhipster-registry and using docker-compose for the deployment to simulate production deployment. All the microservices are deployed with the java properties -Dspring.cloud.config.profile=prod,api-docs for prod and api-docs profiles.

I have the following:

  • configserver for all the configuration (native)
  • jhispter-registry for discovery only
  • apigateway
  • serviceA
  • serviceB
  1. All the services have registered with the jhipster-registry but only apigateway and jhipster-registry show up on the swagger-ui. Though when I run on my IDE all the other swagger apis aggregate nicely. Not sure which properties of the application-dev.yml I must use to enable it. I have not seen any configuration of spring.cloud.gateway.routes nowhere.

I have also seen this These can be used along with both the dev and prod profiles. Please note that by default, the api-docs profile is not enabled in prod and enabled in dev by setting the spring.profiles.group.dev profile group property in application.yml.

in the documentation at https://www.jhipster.tech/profiles/ but not too sure how to use it.

  1. I have also passed the environment - JHIPSTER_REGISTRY_PASSWORD=${REGISTRY_PASSWORD} to the jhipster-registry but it's still using admin/admin

Grateful if you can point me to the right direction for the 2 questions. Been banging my head for 2 days straight now.


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