I'm using Delphi 11 Enterprise.

I am trying to display multiple fields from a TClientDataSet in a TMemo field using livebinding. I have linked one field to the TMemo using the Wizard in the Visual Binder. That works fine.

I then inspect the TMemo component, and drill down through LiveBindings / LinkControlToField / CustomFormat.

If I change this to - say - UpperCase(%s) then I get the correct result: i.e. the TMemo's value is changed to upper case. However, I try to access any other field in the TClientDataSet - using Self.Owner.FieldByName(fieldName).Text, I get a blank result. If I try %s+" "+Self.Owner.FieldByName(fieldName).Text the answer I get is the original field with a 0 after it, e.g: "Smith, John 0"

I've tried linking the TMemo to the TClientDataSet's field using "Link a component Property with a control" and also "Link a control with a field". I've used both of those Binding Tasks in the Livebindings Wizard. They both give me the same result.

I have the data access controls - TDataSet / TProvider / TClientDataSet / TDataSource in a DataModule. I tried copying them into the form that has the TMemo, in case that might help. But I had the same result.

The only examples I've seen of livebinding and CustomFormat have been using FireDAC components. I'm using DBExpress. Could this be an issue?

Thanks for any advice!


  • Did you ever try Delphi's TDBMemo? It should be under Data controls in the tool palette. One advantage is that data-aware controls are supposed to be faster than Livebindings. Feb 22 at 0:05
  • Thanks. I wanted to join 3 db fields together within the client app, using live binding, so a TDBMemo would not have been appropriate. I ended up joing the fields together in the SQL code and using a TDBMemo as you mentioned.
    – Adamf
    Mar 4 at 23:31
  • Awesome. It would be a great idea to post a detailed explanation as an answer so others can benefit from it. Mar 5 at 20:32


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