Until now, my projects were plain Go ones, and I managed them with Goland.

But now, a new one is coming having both Go and C++ files.
(some Go functions are implemented with the help of C++ methods and CGO)

The Goland editor can show me Go sources, allows me to edit it, show me errors on them... like the Go IDE it is,
...but when it is in front of a C++ source, it can't do nothing.

This is why, my teammates are telling me that I can't escape moving to VS Code
who handles the two langages in the same project, by the mean of two plugins (one Go, one C++).
But I'm reluctant to, because I'm used with Jetbrains IDE.

I know the question look a dumb one, but I have to ask it:
Do I have a way to handle C++ sources files in Goland?

  • Have you checked the list of JetBrains plugins? I think there's a Go plugin for the C and C++ IDE Clion, so there might be a C/C++ plugin for Goland? Feb 21 at 12:14
  • @Someprogrammerdude I can see (at home) that CLion has Jetbrains official Go templates plugins, but at work, where there's only Goland available, I don't see C++ plugins for it. None allowing to edit C++ files, at least compile them with g++ and do some syntax checking... for what I see. Maybe it's impossible. This is why I am asking on Stack Overflow for a last chance. If my projects start having both Go and C or C++ and Goland is not adapted, I might have no choice. For inspections, Goland is stronger than VS Code, I will feel a quality loss going from Golang to VS Code. Feb 21 at 12:27
  • I can't see a C/C++ plugin for GoLand either, which means you need Clion if you want to stay within the JetBrains sphere. If you need this as part of your work-assignment, you should talk to your boss. If your work isn't providing the tools you need then you can't do the assignments and tasks they give you. If you need to work with C++, then you need an IDE capable of that, which means CLion. Feb 21 at 12:36
  • Goland is dedicated to Go. A good C, C++ plugin could give to it nice abilities in C, C++. But CLion is dedicated to C, C++, and the Go plugin might give to it average or good abilities with Go langage, but no dedicate it as much as Goland is. Whatever, what's required today isn't here, and the quickest move that come on everyone mind (except me) is to abandon Goland and go to VS Code, because VS Code handles both languages. It's sad, like @TehSphinX checked it, that the C, C++ plugin that exists works on everything except Goland but Jetbrains has surely an explanation Feb 21 at 14:12
  • C, C++ plugin that exists works on everything except Goland -- It does work with Goland. I guess just not with the latest version(s).
    – TehSphinX
    Feb 21 at 14:17

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This is the C/C++ plugin for JetBrains products. It also supports Goland, but the version of Goland you are using might not be supported, yet.

The same has been asked in Can't find C/C++ IntelliJ IDEA Plugin.

Goland is mentioned as being supported, but my current version is not supported:

enter image description here


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